Scott's '96 Mazda Miata "M"-Edition

Mazda Miata OEM Factory Remote Security and Keyless Entry System

This information was gathered based on my 1996 M-Edition. Your information may vary.

Manufacturer SCS/Frigette Engineering
Phone +1 (800) 451-9245
Supplier Part # 202-3203
Mazda Part # 0000-88-19M5-CM


These are approximate prices (April 2001, DC area)

Location Price
Dealer $150-$200
Dealer $315 with installation
Online $167
Salvage yard $100
Salvage yard $25 key fob


I haven't learned all the information about this alarm unit yet. Here's what I do know:

Symptom Description
Steering column switch LED is fast-blinking Alarm control module (black box) is fried.

Sorry, that's all I know so far. It may still respond to the programming instructions, but afterwards, it may still not work.

Programming Instructions

The alarm is programmed by pressing the yellow button inside the unit, behind the Mazda sticker. You may have to punch a hole, as I did, through the sticker to gain access to the button.

or click here for the alarm code programming instructions in PDF format. You can get the free Adobe Acrobat PDF reader from the Adobe website.

Adjusting Alarm Sensitivity

Using a small screwdriver, turn the dial:

  • clockwise = more sensitive
  • counter clockwise = less sensitive

    Alarm Pin-Out

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